Our Case Studies

National Lien & Bond Claim Systems ("NLB”) have enjoyed tremendous success over the past several years, assisting thousands of clients with lien claims, bond claims, and other construction remedies. With the assistance of a local co-counsel, Emalfarb Law is currently working throughout the United States as a co-counsel to complete complex multi-state matters. With our system, we are able to handle a single issue for a small construction company or a complex matter for a national materials supplier. Here are a few examples of our successes.

National Lien & Bond
National Lien & Bond

Filing Across The Country

In this matter, our client was a national cell tower provider. They had lien and bond claims against the same customer in 16 different states. National Lien & Bond Claim Systems worked with local counsel in each state to start the claim proceedings and negotiated with the customer to bring about a timely settlement for our client. Being able to handle all 16 claims gave us a strong negotiating position and helped both our client and their customer streamline the process.

Client With Frozen Funds

For another client, a general contractor with the job of refurbishing high-end hotels, we helped them manage filings at four different locations in three states. They found their funds frozen because the owner of the hotel was facing a federal indictment. We handled the situation by making sure we preserved all the client’s rights, filing all necessary mechanic’s liens, and then appearing in the Federal District Court in Illinois to represent the client. In a little under 18 months, we not only secured the client’s rights, but we were able to pursue the issue to the point that the hotel owner realized he would have to negotiate with our client and reach a settlement.

National Lien & Bond Claim Systems worked with the owner’s firm, a large multinational law firm, to resolve a complicated set of events, handle complex issues, and reach a resolution for the general contractor. In addition, we worked with the general contractor to resolve liens filed by subcontractors and make sure our client still received payment. The team at National Lien & Bond Claim Systems was able to use our tightly orchestrated, efficient, and economical method to bring multi-state litigation to a quick and successful conclusion. We have used this system since 1985 with great success.

National Lien & Bond
National Lien & Bond

Handling Real Estate Complications

In one situation where National Lien & Bond Claim Systems was asked to handle a real estate matter, our attorneys worked with a 25% owner of a condominium development company and converted him to the majority shareholder of the 12-unit condominium building. Our client was in a position to lose his investment because the majority shareholder had absconded with the condominium’s association fees and three months of mortgage payments. The majority shareholder completely disappeared, so our attorneys petitioned the court for a temporary restraining order, which we negotiated with the mortgage holder. During that time, we assisted in the sale of three of the remaining condominiums. Our client has gone from a negative position in the development company to having half a million dollars in positive equity.

Next time you need an attorney to handle your construction and real estate law issues, reach out to the team at Emalfarb, Swan & Bain, and National Lien & Bond Claim Systems. Our method can handle your simple mechanic's lien in any state or complex litigation concerning sites across the country.